In this moment.

Infinity is a pretty large canvas. Walking around in all this infinity, all these passing moments can kind of loose their meaning, loose their cohesion. So what is in this moment?

Now. Not the now that was a second ago or the now that is one second ahead of this current now, but, this now, right here in this moment, right now.

Not the now that was 2 years ago during summer vacation or on new year’s eve last year or your birthday later in this year or next.

I mean this now, here in this moment right here. no here. Now.

Does that get harder or easier to explain as you read it? I typed those words, in my current time line what would seem like a very short time, only moments ago. If I come back months later it may seem like months ago when I typed it, except, whenever I read the words, I am in the now.

That’s the thing about infinity, it’s infinite. There’s no starting point. There never was.

In my 45+ years on the planet I have grown fairly accustomed to the idea of the Gregorian calendar, as have many of us. The number of people whom I would say live without the boundaries of time would may be those small few who live off-grid, in the wild, possibly the indigenous peoples of the world, living close to the earth, who are more connected to life in the organic way, in terms of cycles and seasons.

If there was no concept of a calendar, there would be less attachment to past and future, less dis-connection from the earth upon whose surface we walk around on, and there would be a much stronger and more innate understanding of our connection to the Earth and more likely our connection to each other, or the simple awareness that the objects in the multi-verse that seem disconnected from each other, really are not; ie the sun and stars, planets and other galactic bodies are not really disconnected from the space around, nor from each other, and that we are not really disconnected from the earth and subsequently not disconnected from other stars, planets or ‘matter’.

With the awareness that all matter is in common, we start to understand how everything is in fact one.

The concept of time therefore is simply that, a concept; a belief, which is therefore dependent on the construct of our human minds in order for that concept to maintain its existence. Outside of the matrix that our human minds provide, the constructed belief of time simply is not supported or propped-up by any other system, and therefore it does not exist. It is therefore logic to presume that other forms of life that have not the same existence structure that conforms to human mind/brain/ego do not actually perceive time the way humans do.

Yet it is still pretty natural (?) for our minds to revert to the mathematical nature of continuously trying to quantify and measure our existence wherein the concept of time supports or is a derivation of those changes that we witness around us. Take the seasons for example. It is common to refer to the changing seasons of the planet as last/current/next, or even the days and nights based on the rotation of the planet. Our own bodies’ structure of trillions of cells, which constantly changing and recycling, seem to change over time from a state of what we term as being a ‘young’ state to an ‘old’ state, followed by a state of dormancy that we think of as ‘death’. Yet these are simply changes in state.

The rotation of the planet and the recurring change of seasons is more akin to a continuous modulating stream of energy, like a sine-wave or torsion field. A continuous flow that modulates with a frequency back and forth, not unlike the breath in our bodies, continuously undergoing a change from a state whereby lungs are full to empty to full.

Continuous pulsating state of change.

If we examine the continuity itself, we can soon derive a state whereby we cannot find the beginning of that continuity. Granted in what we think of as one ‘life-span’ on earth, we may perceive something like a beginning (birth) and an end (death), but for the billions on the planet who subscribe to the nature of reincarnation, this is a state whereby our consciousness or soul or higher-self, exists ‘already’ and does not stop ‘existing’ and simply continues to ‘incarnate’ in this dimension of form that is shared by our bodies, this planet and other constructs of molecular matter.

That process of incarnation, could itself be framed as just another cycle of continuity.

On earth we have the planetary frequency that all the atoms vibrate in accordance with, known as the Schumann Resonance. In recent history it has been accelerating, but it is a good example of the measure of a continuous pulse or modulation that our very form adheres to. Matter that resonates at higher frequencies than the Schumann Resonance would not be immediately perceptible to our five senses which are constructs of the bodies that operate at their lower frequency.

In all these examples, we have this cyclic nature that appears in an infinite way, never beginning, never ending. Our minds make some attempt at using a written language to mathematically describe the ‘passage of time’ using designations like ‘minute’, ‘day’, ‘year’ etc to describe either a beginning or ending of a period in which truly has no beginning or ending. What is smaller than a minute? A second? A nanosecond? We could attempt to go smaller and smaller in our measurements but we could never denote the smallest increment of time, we simply go smaller and smaller into infinity. Yet, infinity has no beginning, and so therefore the increment also goes larger into infinity, past years, millennia, eons.

Infinity is simply in every direction of anything our human minds attempt to quantify, whether it is form, or some perception of something we invent ourselves, like the language of time.

All of these searches will inevitably bring us back to one place. One point, the present moment. This moment, at this particular state of awareness, becomes no different than all other ‘moments’ of awareness throughout infinity. Every single ‘moment’ in fact happens at the exact same moment as every other moment, because of the simple fact that a ‘moment’ as we perceive it is part of infinity, and so by it’s very nature the ‘moment’ itself is in fact infinite, and so therefore there are not actually any ‘separate moments’.

And so we come to the end of the article. The beginning of the article was at some point in the past, at least for you the reader. For another reader who has not read this article yet, the beginning of this article will appear to have happened in your future, but their past. Then at some point it will have happened in both your past’s. Think on that while I mention that I wrote this article over a period of many months, returning to add to it over and over. Yet you may have read it all in the span of a few minutes, not knowing that for me this article is months long. From a calendar perspective, did it happen in 2016 or 2017? Does do you who read this in 2017 read it in the past of someone who reads this in 2018? Or do they read it in your future?

Is anyone in fact, reading this in the present? In fact, it is impossible no to do so. It is impossible not to be conscious of the present, and past and future, and every moment of infinite length, at all times.



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