Discomfort and Courage, pt. 1

You may have heard it said that growth and expansion must come with discomfort. Thinking about expansion, where we start from a known point, and then work out how to acquire a new skill or facet of knowledge, this makes sense. Reaching out into new unknown territory is awkward and maybe a little fearful. If we look back on our lives and we can count on having been nurtured and encouraged to have faith in ourselves and our own ability in spite of possible failure or hardship, then taking those steps forward can be a bit easier.

What if we’ve not been raised that way though? What if we carry deep rooted self-doubt and anxiety and the fears that accompany some kind of past in which we maybe didn’t have that kind of nurturing, helping us to acquire our self-acceptance, self-love and self-confidence?

Worse still, what if because of that deep-rooted anxiety and lack of self-worth, rather that enjoying a life of expansion, we have instead experienced a life of self-doubt, worry and anxiety and have instead adopted limiting beliefs pertaining to how tough life is, or how much of a victim we are, even to the point where such negativity manifests itself in the form of mental depression, or escapist patterns such as physical or now mental addictions, and even illness?

It’s all very well to talk about growth, but what about simple recovery? When you or someone you love is buried under the perception of their own life’s problems, how to come back from that?

Years ago I had a reading in which I was described as being very courageous. At the time I couldn’t even grasp that concept. I was no superhero, no mythical or historical protagonist, fighting for a cause. I was a regular guy who was stuck and although I knew I was a being of amazing potential and power, I was failing at everything in my life and had been so since my teen years when it first showed as ‘an unwillingness to apply myself’. I have a big FU for anyone I see talking about a child that way now. But as it turned out, my life was going to get much darker over the next few years.

It took some time and an amazing amount of self-healing before I learned that I could even be courageous, that courage was even an option.


to be continued.


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